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In The Light with Dr. Anita Phillips

Oct 26, 2020

Whew, Chhiiillleee! Dr. A is going there in an unfiltered episode that’s bringing the intersectionality of racism, diversity and the church into the light.

In this gut-wrenching episode, Dr. Anita Phillips contends with racial trauma in the church as a form of betrayal. A brave guest reveals the emotional and spiritual wounds she suffered from membership in a racially toxic faith community, and Pastor David Swanson, founding pastor of New Community Covenant Church and author of "Rediscipling the White Church", stops by to model safety, clarify the need for change, and speak the unfiltered truth about moving from cheap diversity to true solidarity.

“Honoring, prioritizing and centering the lived realities of people of color within the church is for everybody’s flourishing. That’s how good God is!” -Pastor David Swanson